Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Lowell MA

pedestrian accident lawyer Lowell MA

Walking along the streets of Lowell, Massachusetts and surrounding areas should be a safe endeavour. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents occur often, even when pedestrians are doing all they can to be safe. If you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident, you may not be aware of your rights and how compensation can help you and your loved ones recover. Pedestrian accident lawyer in Lowell Attorney Todd D. Beauregard is a Pedestrian accident lawyer in Lowell MA and understands how devastating pedestrian accidents can be and how helpless a victim may feel afterwards. He can help Lowell, Massachusetts victims get what they need and deserve to recover.

Pedestrians can be hit by cars, buses, trains, bikes and other vehicles that share the roadways in Massachusetts. There are a number of common reasons and scenarios that lead to pedestrian accidents in which a driver or operator can be held liable. Some of those include:

Distracted drivers
Drivers under the influence
Failure to yield
Failure to stop at stop signs
Failure to signal
Failure to stop at crosswalks

Types of Pedestrian Injuries

A victim hit by any kind of vehicle may suffer a vast array of injuries such as: broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, internal injuries, spinal injuries, and other injuries that can be debilitating. These injuries can lead to mounting medical bills, lost wages, on-going medical treatments which are costly, and other financial losses for a family. Pedestrian accident injuries can inhibit a victim from returning to work for a long time, if ever. The injuries can decrease quality of life and result in the inability to care for a family.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian, you need to first seek medical attention. Then, you need to gather any evidence, witness information, and document the injuries and damage. It is important to save medical bills, statements from others about your injuries, and anything else that pertains to what you have or may lose. While the insurance company may offer an initial settlement, that amount may only be the tip of the iceberg of what you may actually need.

Attorney Todd D. Beauregard understands the short-term and long-term effects of pedestrian accidents on Lowell, Massachusetts victims. He knows what it takes to stand up against insurance companies and fight for victims who can’t fight for themselves. He will investigate your case and gather the evidence needed to prove how your injuries have impacted your life and family. To speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Lowell MA Call Attorney Beauregard at 978-566-9946, he has the resources, dedication, and compassion it takes to protect and fight for victims of pedestrian accidents in and around the Lowell, Massachusetts area.